Zendesk requester searching

Creating customer records in Zendesk.

NOTE: Agents cannot create Organizations (Companies) in Zendesk. All Organization data is synchronized from NetSuite. NetSuite data is the System of Record for Workwell customers – the lists are created when customers create accounts. So far, only uAccept data is being updated to Zendesk CS use. Other products will follow soon.

If the Org does not exist in ZD it has not been created or updated in NetSuite.

Finding Existing Customer Records in Zendesk

  1. The search field – You can locate records by searching partial or full names, organizations, email addresses, phone numbers or key words.
  2. It is very important that we do not utilize the incorrect requester for a ticket. Zendesk uses NetSuite as a “System of Record” and assigning the incorrect requester to a ticket corrupts the value of the system.
  3. New requesters can easily be attached to existing companies. Here’s how:
  4. See in the video that we searched for a user that did not yet exist. Creating a new user and assigning them to the company was fast. One a new contact is created you can search in the Org field to find their parent company.
  5. It is also more difficult to accidentally create duplicate users if we utilize creative searching or verify phone #s or emails.
  6. If you know the company that the customer is calling from – search for that company and check the list of existing contacts. Is the caller one of these? Maybe a name was misspelled, or a phone number transposed. Be sure we don’t already have a record of the caller. Fix any typos or issues – do not create duplicates.
  7. We all need to be diligent about ensuring that customer records are maintained. This will allow our focus to remain on supporting our customers and not on handling confusion or road blocks due to bad data.