Throwback Thursday – Positive Phrases and Ideal Words

Originally Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 10:00 AM

Subject: Absolutely Splendid Essential List of Positive Friendly Ideal Words and Phrases.


Patrick introduced me to a blog from across the pond a while ago and it has an impressive collection of writers with great insights into our business (the business of happy customers).

In particular, this new article carries some useful language that we can integrate into our own daily conversations with customers. I found the list of 25 empathy statements instructive. I’ll paste them in here and a link to the article at the bottom. Cheers and happy reading, heroes!

1. “I would feel the same in your situation, but we will sort this out…”

2. “I know how frustrating it can be – let’s see how I can help you…”

3. “I completely understand how frustrating it is…”

4. “I appreciate how difficult it is to…”

5. “We will work to resolve the problem. You just enjoy your (birthday/holidays/Christmas break, etc.), and I will be in touch shortly.”

6. “We are keen to resolve this as much as you are…”

7. “If I were in your position, I would feel exactly the same…”

8. “I appreciate you bringing this to our attention…”

9. “I will contact you as soon as we have had an update.”

10. “Definitely, you are making perfect sense.”

11. “I can assure you that this will absolutely happen.”

12. “We will help you get this issue resolved.”

13. “Apologies for the wait, I appreciate your patience.”

14. “Don’t worry, I can see why you did that.”

15. “Yes, that would certainly frustrate me too.”

16. “What I would do in this situation is…”

17. “How do you feel about…”

18. “I know others who have been in your situation and what we did to successfully help them was…”

19. “Just so we know what we’re aiming for, what would be the best-case scenario for you.”

20. “Absolutely, I can certainly fix that for you.”

21. “I will quickly put this into action for you and then everything will be back to normal.”

22. “Just so I can clarify and help you, the problem is…”

23. “I’m afraid that we can offer you X, but what I can do for you is…”

24. “I am going to take care of this for you.”

25. “That does sound frustrating, let’s see what I can do to help.”

Check it out, pick some favorite words or phrases and try them out today.