Available courses

The Pipedrive webinar

A video series detailing the features and usage of the uAttend portal.

Paper Cloud (papercloudtimecards.com) is a subsidiary of Processing Point that offers compatible physical time cards for many different punch clock systems. The site also has a free online portal, like the uPunch portal, that offers customers the ability to enter time manually and run reports for payroll. Customers can add their time cards to their account and have easy ordering options available from within that portal.

Introducing a time clock system unlike any other available. While most punch card time clocks do only one thing, track in and out punches, uPunch time clocks offer you flexibility plus the advantage and time savings of a powerful cloud-based software application. Tracking your employees’ time just got easier.

This course will guide you through the features and setup of the uPunch series punch clocks and then into troubleshooting common support requests. 

A quick walkthrough of the process for exporting time from uAttend and importing it to QuickBooks.